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William James College - Train Vets to Treat Vets

I came to know William James College and its President, Dr. Nick Covino, in 2012 when it was still called the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology.  I called on Dr. Covino after learning of the school's Train Vets to Treat Vets program - a program dedicated to giving military veterans the formal education they need in order to clinically treat their fellow service members and veterans.  To this day, it remains a powerful concept and smart idea.  Over the past few years, what started as "Train Vets" has grown into the Military Veterans Psychology (MVP) program.  According to a letter I recently received from Dr. Covino, this year the program will "have more than fifty men and women with military experience.. and a strong partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Veterans Services."  The letter went on to say how William James continues to work to become "a resource to other health care professionals and school personnel who wish to understand the social and emotional needs of veterans and their families and improve their skills in caring for them."  

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