Connect. Engage. Disrupt.

Patriot Medicine is an online community for military medical professionals and their civilian partners.  It is not affiliated with the Defense Department.  

The platform offers military service members, veterans, and their civilian partners the ability to connect across organizations, grow meaningful networks, and collaborate on ideas that impact their missions.  We use the term "missions" in lieu of "military and veteran health," because we know military medicine also plays a key role in disaster and humanitarian assistance efforts around the globe.  

We encourage our members to engage.  The community is designed around its individual members coming together in groups, forums, and blogs.  

Our hope is that, through this community, members will find new ways to disrupt the status quo, innovate on both incremental and large scales, and continue to improve the way military medicine is practiced.  

Ultimately, enabling our members to build their professional networks, develop and refine their professional interests, and become wildly successful is our goal.  Over time, we hope to add even more valuable applications. This includes improving what we've already developed, and growing in new directions.  If you have suggestions, our Network Creator would like to hear from you personally.  Friend and send him a message here.


The Patriot Medicine Team